Dimples are Not all Cute

Today, I would like to talk about dimples, not the cute kind you see when a 4-year-old smiles. You can’t seem to get rid of the dimples we wish never existed, no matter how much you work on—the dreaded cellulite dimples. And whether we are talking about dimples in swimsuit weather or our leggings, they are not cute.

Up until recently, there was no good treatment for cellulite. We have good treatments for fat reduction – CoolSculpting, Tickle lipo, Venus Legacy – but none of those are good treatments for cellulite, because what we don’t like about cellulite – the dimpling – is not really cause from too much fat, the area dimples because of the bands of tissue holding the surrounding fat in segments or dimples. So what we need to get rid of is those bands. Think of how a honeycomb looks with all the little compartments of honey. If there were no compartment walls, there would be just a smooth puddle of honey. Well, we finally have a treatment that goes after those compartment walls or fibers – the new injectable QWO. That’s Q-W-O. QWO is a collagenase – in other words, an enzyme that dissolves the fibrous bands that give the dimpling effect called cellulite.

The injections take 10 minutes or less and are relatively painless. The treatment protocol calls for 3 sessions each about 4 weeks apart. Your full results will be month 4, but most patients notice improvement after the first treatment. The most common side effect is bruising – you will bruise. Treatment areas include the buttocks and back or side of the thighs.

Results typically show 70% or more improved appearance of dimples. It’s that simple.

So finally, a treatment for what is giving you cellulite – not too much fat, not too much food, not enough trips to the gym. A treatment to dissolve the fibrous bands and give you the smooth thighs and butt you have always wanted.

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