Skin Sagging? Worry No More!

Hi. Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another Thursday’s news from Reneu.

Today we are talking about skin tightening.

As we age, we, unfortunately, make less collagen, and the collagen that we make is less sturdy. That is why we can see skin laxity as we get older. Common areas are the jowls – I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t do this when I was 25 years old! It’s all about collagen -but how do you get more collagen in the places you need it? Well, I talked about collagen peptide supplements a couple of weeks ago. Those building blocks that get our bodies to produce more collagen, and I am a great fan of NutriDyn’s Collagen Renewal. But how about a hands-on treatment that pushes your body to use up those building blocks and produce fibroblasts ( our collagen-producing cells ) and growth factor proteins? I am talking about the Venus Legacy treatments offered here at Reneu. You may have heard about radio frequency energy and its stimulatory effects, which Venus Legacy gives us. Still, unlike other RF technologies, Venus is a dual-energy treatment, combining RF with Pulsed Electromagnetic fields. So we get not only increase production of fibroblasts but also an increase in growth factor production. And what that all means? more collagen! Tighter skin! less laxity! Bring it on.

The treatment takes about 20 minutes – you will feel warmth similar to the warmth of a hot tub. The treatment protocol is 6-8 treatments about a week apart. The best part – there is no downtime, no worries about being in the sun, and Venus Legacy is safe for all skin types.

And did I mention the Varipulse technology for cellulite? Needless to say, whether you are talking about saggy jowls (don’t you hate that word?) or loose skin on the back of your arms, stretch marks on your belly, or cellulite on your back side – we have a great, safe, technology for you!

And best of all – our Venus Legacy packages are on sale for $100 off. Give us a call soon.

Because here at Reneu, we want you to be the best you ever have. (jowls included)