Goodbye Unwanted Fat!

Hello and Happy 4th of July. And if you didn’t realize it before, you do now – summer is upon us, and that means shorts and sleeveless tops, swimsuits, golf shirts, and other apparel you may not be thrilled about wearing. But have no fear – this week’s News from Reneu is all about fat reduction. Yep, fat reduction that works. You’ve done the exercising, you are eating clean, taking your supplements, sleeping well and still those stubborn fat deposits don’t want to budge. One of the reasons – hormonal imbalance – we call it the Meno-belly, but don’t worry guys you get the Mano- belly. And what about back fat??? Where did that even come from? Well, discussing those hormonal changes that start to occur even in our late 30’s is a whole other topic we will cover on another Thursday, but for now, realize that a lot of that change in physic is how we are programmed to age. So what can we do to fight back against that genetic programming?

One option is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a procedure, that as the name could suggest gets rid of fat by getting it cold, really, really cold. Once the fat cells freeze you body naturally carts that material away – and you will get a 20-25% fat reduction in the area treated. It works and works permanently because your body does not make more fat cells once you are thru adolescence. Freeze the fat and it’s gone. Now depending on the amount of fat reduction you want, a second treatment may be needed, but regardless with that first treatment say good bye to 20-25% of your fat cells. The procedure takes 1-3 hours, again depending on areas, there is no down-time. Discomfort afterward is minimal – similar to a sore muscle and you can return to your full activities.

Best of all Cool sculpting is on sale with buy 2 get one free – but this special is running out July 15th. So call today to get in on this great special. Your cycles will need to be purchased, not necessarily completed by July 15. Call and we can give you all the details.

Fat reduction can also be accomplished with lipo suction – did you know we do wide-awake lipo suction here at Reneu? Sometimes know as Tickle Lipo. This is a minor surgical procedure that actually removes the fat with a thin vibrating cannula. Recovery is minimal – we ask that you lay low for 3-4 days, but most people are back at it within 4-5 days.

Lastly we have Venus Legacy. Altho Venus Legacy is radio frequency technology marketed for skin tightening – which it does – it also achieves some fat reduction in the area being tightened – great examples would be inner thighs and upper arms – those areas that may have more loose skin than a volume issue.

So there you have it – Meno-Belly, Mano-belly, stubborn fat deposits beware! we have a procedure for almost everybody and almost any area. Remember medusa consultations are always free, so give us a call today! and before July 15 if you want the Coolsculpting special! Because here at Reneu – we want you to be the best you ever.