Smooth Skin, Hydrofacials, and Dermaplaning

Hello Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another edition of News from Reneu. Looking pretty casual here – but I just got my dermaplaning and hydrafacial done – lovely, lovely. You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and notice all the little fuzzies on your face and chin! Hello menopause!! What next?? Well nothing a good dermaplaning can’t take care of, which got me thinking – how do you choose what to do – Hydrafacial? Dermaplaning? A good peel? So let’s talk a little about those procedures and don’t forget – consultations are always free. We would be happy to see you in person for a full skin evaluation to make personal recommendations from there.

So let’s start with dermaplaning. Maybe you saw the Instagram reel we just posted. If not, take a peek. Dermaplaning is a lot like it sounds. A sterile planing tool is used to gently plane off the dermis – your skin! This procedure can be added to any of our facia procedures and really should be. The idea is to get all the old, dry dead skin off so that the prcedure – whether we are talking about a Hydrafacial, radiofrequency treatments, a peel, photofacial – why waste any of that great technology on dead skin? Get it off! Also, those fuzzies, lip hairs, chin whiskers gone!

Next up we can talk about the Hydrafacial – and like the ad says – don’t just call if a facial. This is a medical-grade treatment that gives you professional exfoliation, extractions and hydration – 3 to 6 different steps depending on your concerns. Look at this glow – one-hour post Hydrafacial! Visit for more information. But this is the procedure for anyone looking for surface rejuvenation to help with uneven skin tone, dryness, fine lines, and large pores – this is the procedure for you. Big event coming up? Get in for a Hydrafacial to get your best face forward.

If you are looking for even more results for bigger problems – acne scars, large pores, pigmentation, facial wrinkles, then we are talking about peels. As the name would suggest, a specialized product is applied to your face – again, depending on your concerns and the amount of sun damage, aging issues – and the superficial layer of damaged or aged skin will actually peel off – giving you new healthy skin stimulated to produce collagen, elastin and growth factors for ongoing rejuvenation. The good news is we even have a peel that doesn’t make you viably peel. Read more about SkinBetters Alpha Ret Peel at

So, ladies and gentlemen – we all know we should take it up a notch with our skin care to prevent or correct the signs of aging, and here at  Reneu, we make it easy for you with all these great choices.

So give us a call today to set up your appointment for better skin – because here are Reneu. We want to make you the best you ever!

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