Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Hello, Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another episode of News from Reneu.  Just can’t complain about this weather.  Make sure you are still wearing your daily sunscreen – like SkinBetter’s Smart Tone.  It also comes in a convenient compact.  Love it for reapplications on the run!

And don’t worry – if you haven’t been perfect with the sunscreen and your face is showing it our photo facials will soon be on special.  Using a set wavelength of light we can actually pull that pigment right out of your skin.  You need to wait until most of your summer color is gone – so with that in mind, our photo facial will be on special in October.

Maybe summer hasn’t been as laid back and quiet as you would have liked and stress has gotten the best of you.  As a specialist in hormonal management I get a lot of questions about Cortisol and the Cortisol belly.  Where did this come from anyway??  Well it’s true, abnormal cortisol levels can cause weight gain around the middle.  And so can peri-menopause!  So how do you sort it all out?  Well part of that puzzle is checking your cortisol levels.  This needs to be done over a 24 hour period of time as your cortisol naturally varies with the clock.  We use our partner lab, ZRT, to get the best results with 4 timed samples of saliva.  Why saliva and not blood?  Saliva tells us what is going on at the cellular level, rather than what your body has passed up as waste.  The test is easy to use and results come within 2 weeks.  Other signs of cortisol imbalance?  Poor sleep, change in metabolism, hair loss, mood swings and poor absorption – just to name a few.  So if this sounds like you, or you just feel that your cortisol needs to be checked, give us a call and we can get you set up for a hormonal consultation. Because here at Reneu, we want you to be the best you ever – inside and out!  See you next week!