Reneu Fillers

Hello, Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another News from Reneu.

Today we are talking about lips and specifically lip fillers. As a long time injector, I get a lot of questions about lips. Are they going to be too big, will I look like a duck, are they going to look natural?

First let’s talk a little about why you feel like you need a lip filler.

One reason is that genetically you may have thin lips, you have must never had the plump volume you would like to have.

Another is aging. As we age our lips loose volume and actually turn in due to bone loss in the upper and lower jaw.

Fillers can help with both of those issues.

My favorite filler to use on lips is the Restylane Kysse product. It gives I nice natural look, is soft, enhances your own natural lip volume and last for one year.

Filling lips is one of my favorite filler procedures to do and I pride myself on making sure it looks natural.

Make sure you view our post with actual patient before and after pictures.

And to sweeten the deal, we are having a “Lip Open House” on October 21 from 8-2. You can make an appointment for filler that day and it will be $100 off. Or if you just want more information on lip fillers, the procedure and what to expect stop by. There will be prizes just for showing up!

So if you have been thinking about getting those lips filled – now is the perfect time! Call us soon to get in on the special or to get more information.

Because at Reneu we want you to be the best you ever – even your lips!