Reneu Open House

Hello, Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another edition of News from Reneu. Holiday Open House is all I have to say. We are soooo excited for next week – our favorite week of the year. Getting ready for the holidays is always so much fun and looking forward to seeing friends and relatives you may not have seen for awhile. Building up to all the parties, concerns, programs and informal get to gathers we are here to make sure you are at your best. So next week we have awesome specials for you. Because everything, and I mean everything is on sale! Including our fillers, Dysport, skin care products, supplements, ZRT testing kits and all of our services. From cool sculpting to hydra facial, weight management, skin tightening procedures and everything in between. So call any time next week – November 14-18. Or better yet stop by our Open House Party on Thursday, the 17th from 4-8. We will have demonstrations, give-aways, free consultations, and a prize just for visiting. Bring a friend and the bounty gets even better!! So don’t face the holidays with dread, instead let us give help you get your best face forward – in fact, your best you forward, because here at Reneu, we want you to be the best you ever!