Reneu Sculptra

Dr. Jill Wohlfeil here with another addition of News from Reneu. And we always have something new for you. Our latest addition of Medispa offerings – Sculptra. I am really very excited to have this injectable to offer patients because if gives us another tool for combating the aging process on our skin and a very different tool compared to fillers and the neurotoxins we typically treat with.

Why Sculptra? and what makes it different?
First the Why? I have patients that often tell me “I don’t want to look like I have had anything done. I don’t want to change the shape of my face. I don’t want fillers. Well Sculptra is the injectable for you. Now the What? makes Sculptra different? Sculptra is injected into the fatty skin layer and deposits something called PLLA or Poly L Lactic Acid, a very similar biocompatible substance to what is in dissolvable sutures. This PLLA does not fill the area, rather it lays down a scaffolding for the gradual replacement of collagen – the protein that is responsible for support of tissue. Face demonstration . Also Scupltra supports the function of elastin, the protein that smooths out skin and Hyaluronic Acid the main hydrator of our skin. So we can give you a natural restoration of not only areas o laxity, but also skin that has better hydration and tightness.

We all start to decrease to production of collagen after about age 32 and the amount of collagen in our skin then decreases by about 10% per decade. So having an injectable that literally gets your body to produce collagen like it did when you were in your 30’s is amazing and such a gradual, natural result.

So if you are interested in Sculptra you can visit their website, give us a call or come in for a free consultation.
Because at Reneu, we want you to be the best you ever – especially your collagen!