Our Staff

Kris Belden

Kris Belden:

Laser Technician, Spa Coordinator

Years at Reneu:  12 years
Training: Laser IPL certified, Coolsculpting Academy, Venus Legacy certified, Microneedling certified, Advanced courses in Hydrafacials. Product certified.

Reneu has been my job for the past 32 years now. I started at Pro Health with Doctor Wohlfeil and have been with her the whole duration. I’m experienced in all Spa/Medical services. I’m very organized and detail-oriented, with high-performance standards and support of treatment plans and protocols. I’m a very compassionate person. . l thrive on perfection and making my patients happy and comfortable. At the end of the day, all that matters is that I have given my patients the best care possible.

Shelly Persha

Anna Mack:

Medical Assistant

Years at Reneu:  5 years
Training: RN from University of Medical Sciences, Legnica, Poland. CNA certification, phlebotomy, hydra facial, CPR.

I have loved working at Reneu for the past five years. I especially love all of the personal connections I have been able to make with the patients. We have a great team, and I am confident we always provide our patients with the best care possible.

Shelly Persha

Shelly Persha:

Medical Assistant

Years at Reneu: 8 years

CNA Certification, 1993 at Marquardt Manor

Worked at Hartford Memorial Hospital/Aurora Medical Center 1995-2016, prior experience includes; Ventilator Unit, ER Technician, EKG/Stress Lab Technician, Anesthesia Technician, Pain Management Technician and Ambulatory one-day surgery for Venipuncture and Inserting IV’s.

At Reneu, my job is to take care of our medical patients, draw labs, PRP setups, and assist with Tickle LipoSuction cases. I also help with some spa services, including; Coolsculpting, Venus Legacy Skin Tightening, and running our Thermi machine for ThermiSmooth, ThermiTight and ThermiVas.

Since I have been in healthcare, I find it very rewarding to see our patients get good results from procedures or treatments that they have had.  A lot of our medical patients only come in once a year, it’s always nice to see a familiar face again and. I have many patients say it’s nice to see a familiar face year after year!

I think our Reneu team offers many options for patients to feel better, whether it be healthcare or spa services. I am happy to be part of the team.

Jennifer Leair

Jennifer Leair:


Years at Reneu: 9 months
Although I have only been with the team at Reneu Health & Medispa for a short time it feels like my second home. I love working with everyone here and have learned so much. My favorite part of my job is helping people achieve their goal of looking and feeling their best. Whether it be internal health needs or aesthetic services Reneu Health & Medispa has got you covered! It is so nice to be able to offer all of these amazing options.