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APEX M Reviews

Customer Reviews

Worked Wonders

I’ve been using this product for a while now, and it has worked wonders! I go out for girls night now, and I’m not worried I’ll have to leave early because I’ve laughed too hard, and couldn’t “hold it”. For some of us who have had children this is a real issue. I love that I’ve found a discreet solution!

Really DOES Work!

My gynecologist recommended this. Purchased from his office, it was about $75 more than here. IF you follow directions and use for 3 months, you will be completely satisfied. Now I am speaking for myself, but highly recommend it.

5 STARS!!!

I had already been to my doctor and discussed the options, pills, surgery and urology physical therapy. The pills and surgery both have many negative side effects and potential problems besides being expensive long term. The urology physical therapy was embarrassing and a complete waste of time. The doctor thought that I was being lazy or not trying and made me feel worse about myself, if that was actually possible. I couldn’t isolate my muscles to do kegels properly or my muscles were so lax that they couldn’t contract on their own to the point of doing any good. I was skeptical, but I thought if there is a chance of ANY real improvement it would be worth the purchase price. I’ve had my Apex M for a week and used it the last 6 days for 10 minutes as directed. I have not gotten up to run to the bathroom during the night for the last 3 days and I was getting up 1-2 times per night at least prior to this, so I am much more rested in the morning. I am not leaking urine when I sneeze, cough, jog, step down-not at all, no more embarrassment and worry. My husband is very happy with the results thus far and has made comments about the improvements from his perspective. I love my Apex M and have already told several friends about it who suffer from the same problem. Unfortunately many women have just come to accept that after turning 50 and after having given birth to multiple babies that this is just how it is. Don’t settle for that!

Recently ordered so really can’t give a rating, but I’m using and waiting to see great results.

It works!

I was skeptical but I have to say this works. It is an amazing product. Made for women by women.


Only been using a week. 10 minutes a day. I am at level 7.
I can feel the difference already. A long way to go as my oab is really bad. So looking forward to 2-3 months down the road where I hope to be out of adult diapers.
As others have said…wish I had bought when I first saw ad.
Don’t hesitate.

Leak Free

I’ve thrown away all my pads and liners. I used the ApexM every day for a month. I noticed improvement after about a week. Now I use it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Just my routine.


When I saw an ad on the P.C. thought I’d have to try it as I was having trouble getting to the bathroom when ever I came home from work or shopping, I’d try to stop before I left work, But it was always a rush to get inside, have been on treatment for about a week & had put on more of the cream as I’d had surgery for a tumor on the labia earlier this spring. Also using a cream for a side entry helped very much. Had ordered 3 more tubes of cream & had really helped when I increased the speed to 6 or 7. works good. Hoping it helps even more as time goes on. Tired of all the pads & trying to get to the bathroom early in the am. Hate having the commode next to the bed all the time.