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Botox Facial


The Botox Facial



Exclusively offered at Reneu.  You may think of Botox as a way to keep deep lines from showing on your face, or help in keeping your underarms dry, but Botox is the star ingredient in the new facial being featured at Reneu – The Botox Facial.  An individualized “cocktail” of ingredients is micro needled into your skin to deliver rejuvenating and correcting properties right where it can go to work the quickest, and do the best work. Tiny hollow needles penetrate just thru the surface of your skin (which is the dead skin layer) to get a mixture to your “sweet spot”.  The result?  Smaller pores, decrease oil production, increase collagen production and an overall brighter, more youthful appearance.  How do we decide what cocktail is right for you?  We will do a quick exam under a specialized UV light magnifier and also have you fill out our Skin Survey.  Dr. Jill will then formulate your individual “cocktail”.

Ingredients might include:


Vitamin C

Hyaluronic acid



and many other rejuvenating co-factors.


How long is the treatment and what should I expect to do at the treatment?

Procedure time is 45 minutes.

  • Light evaluation/skin survey
  • Microneedling (your individual cocktail)
  • Red Light LED Treatment (promotes absorption of co-factors)
  • HA Mask


Will I have any down time?

Down time is minimal – you may have some redness ( a mild windburn appearance).  We ask that you keep makeup and sun off your face for 12 hours.


Please call 262-560-1920 for more information.