Dr.Jill Wohlfeil here from Reneu Health & Medispa.

Dr.Jill Wohlfeil here from Reneu Health & Medispa. So we made it to March, and that means all things Spring! More sun, more vacations, and more fun in general. And here at Reneu, we are ready to get your Spring going in the right direction.

I am happy to announce that we have a brand new weight loss program – Reneu You. This isn’t any old weight loss program. Listening to what my patients are saying, their frustrations with changes in their metabolism, body shape, and energy level – this program is designed for you. It’s not going to be an easy one – but this one will work and, most importantly, will give you the tools for long-term success. Because who wants to lose the weight, feel great, and finally, get into those “back of the closet clothes” – only to have it all come back on? This program is science-based and also based on the fact that most of you struggling with weight are peri-menopausal or menopausal (or, for my male patients MANopausal). Things are just different – and the things that worked for weight loss in our 30s just don’t work anymore. So I’ve done my homework and perused the best of the best out there. Combining counseling, dietary changes, and injectable semiglutide – I’ve come up with a program that really works.

If you haven’t heard of semiglutide before, you have likely heard of Ozempic and Wegovy – the weight loss injectables that are very expensive – if you can get your hands on them – upward of $1000/month. I am working with a specialized compounding pharmacy that will provide the semiglutide weekly injections for a fraction of the price.

So you can tell I’m excited about this program, and we are ready to get you plugged in. So if you want more information = give us a call. All the details about Reneu You will be on our website soon, but I didn’t want to wait to get this up and running. This is just the jump start you need for spring and Summer. Sign up for the program this month and you will get a free package of B12 injections!

Hope to see you soon! Because here at Reneu, we want you to be the best you ever!

(Wear your sunscreen!)