Laser Hair Removal

  • HR (Hair Removal)
  • Light Skin Hair Removal
  • Dark Skin Hair Removal
  • Permanent hair reduction has become one of the most common procedures offered by medical aesthetic clinics today. According to the “American Society for Dermatologic Surgery” in the U.S., hair removal procedures were among the top five non-surgical procedures in 2018.
  • Permanent hair reduction is performed using a powerful laser or Intense Pulsed Light technologies to target and heat the hair follicles. Successfully damaged follicles are then no longer able to produce new hairs.
  • The most common considerations when choosing a hair removal system include: proven clinical results, safety, treatment speed, low discomfort level for patients, ROI, and device reliability.
  • Treatment parameters are determined based on several factors, including: skin type, hair color, hair size and density, treatment stage and body part.

Formatk’s permanent hair reduction devices have been specifically designed with these considerations in mind, enabling practitioners to achieve better results by tailoring each treatment according to the patient’s physiology and treatment stage. For more information go to: Laser Hair Removal