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What is UltraShape?



FDA CLEARED                 –                  NO DOWNTIME                 –                       VISIBLE RESULTS
UltraShape is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body-shaping procedure that uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat-cell destruction. It’s not like anything out there.

Unlike liposuction, UltraShape is non-surgical—which means no incisions, anesthetics, or recovery time.

And unlike other fat-reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, UltraShape is virtually painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment. So you can hit the doctor’s office, then hit your yoga class in a cropped top the same day.

All you’re left with are smooth, contoured results, often seen as quickly as 2 weeks after the first treatment. No wonder UltraShape has a RealSelf rating of over 90%.

Individual results and experience may vary.



Get initial, visible results as early as 2 weeks after the first of 3 quick treatments.† But first, take a look at our before-and-after photos to see what those results look like.

w3_after w3_before









UltraShape destroys fat cells. It differs from weight loss, which can only shrink fat cells.

What UltraShape won’t do is cause you pain or harm surrounding tissue, nerves, or muscle. No wonder a clinical study showed 94% of people treated were satisfied with their results.1 Tell that to your personal torturer—er, trainer.

1. Hector Leal-Silva, M.D. ASLMS, 2008.


Talk about next-wave technology. UltraShape ultrasound energy destroys the walls of fat cells in your body, releasing the fat in the form of triglycerides. The triglycerides are then processed through the liver and eliminated from the body naturally. The surrounding tissue, nerves, and muscle are left unharmed.


There are two major types of fat in your body: visceral (fat that forms around your organs) and subcutaneous (fat that forms under the surface of your skin).

While eating right and working out can help reduce visceral fat, subcutaneous fat can be difficult to lose. UltraShape targets and eliminates stubborn (subcutaneous) belly fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise.

The [UltraShape] technology precisely delivers focused ultrasound energy that is strong enough to destroy fat cells, but leaves neighboring tissue unharmed.

– Steven Teitelbaum, MD, California


Focused on Results

FDA cleared for abdominal circumference reduction by mechanical disruption of fat cells
Clinically proven to be safe and effective with over 15 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters published
Complete treatment protocol in just 4 weeks – 3 treatments at two-week intervals
Over 96% of patients experienced a measurable reduction and 94% of patients were satisfied with their results
Over 300,000 treatments performed worldwide
No bruising, swelling or downtime
Comfortable, “walk-in, walk-out” 45 minute procedure
Unique business model ensuring an exceptional ROI

UltraShape Technology

The UltraShape System’s unique energy delivery:
Focused: Ultrasound energy is designed to precisely converge into a confined focal volume, targeting only
subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth.
Pulsed: Energy is delivered in bursts resulting in a mechanical non-thermal effect that only targets tissue
most susceptible to mechanical disruption keeping nerves, vessels and muscles safe and intact.

Natural Fat Clearance2
The UltraShape procedure is based on a natural fat clearance process through which triglycerides and cell debris from the immediately destroyed fat cells are processed by the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways – the same pathways that handle fat during weight loss. Results from UltraShape’s peer-reviewed, published multi-center controlled clinical trial and other independent clinical studies show that the released triglycerides do not accumulate to a clinically significant extent in the blood or liver.3

The clinical efficacy and safety profile of UltraShape is supported by peer-reviewed, published multi-center controlled clinical trials and independent clinical studies of over 850 patients.

A. Histology confirms UltraShape technology instantly and selectively destroys fat cells alone.1

B. Pulsed, focused ultrasound is not only more selective; it delivers results faster, too.
Gross pathology confirms treatment with UltraShape’s pulsed, focused ultrasound causes immediate fat tissue
destruction. UltraShape produces measurable outcomes in as little as two weeks, compared with other technologies that can take up to three to four months to produce results.
Simply put, there’s no other non-invasive body shaping procedure that can produce these results so quickly.
Because Ultrashape selectively focuses on on fat, tissue recovery is faster than with other treatments.

C. Fat thickness reduction in lower abdomen by an MRI measurement4

D. CT scans demonstrate fat reduction

1. Characterization of Nonthermal Focused Ultrasound for Noninvasive Selective Fat Cell Disruption (Lysis): Technical and Preclinical Assessment. Brown Spencer et al. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. July 2009
2. Body Contouring by Non-invasive Transdermal Focused Ultrasound. J. Moreno-Moraga et al. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2007
3. Noninvasive Body Contouring by Focused Ultrasound: Safety and Efficacy of the Contour I Device in a Multicenter, Controlled, Clinical Study.Teitelbaum Steven A et al. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. September 2007

The UltraShape unique business model and an unmatched ROI profile is designed to meet the needs of your patients and practice
100% customizable treatments to uniquely fit patients’ needs
Focal Treatment Zones for optimized treatment protocol to maximize clinical results
High profitability profile ensures a fast and greater return on your investment, more than any other FDA cleared non-invasive body contouring device
High patient satisfaction increases patient throughput
Fully delegatable treatment frees physicians to generate other revenue simultaneously