MicroLaserPeel® Treatment

Gentle Polishing. Powerful Results.

Restore a Brighter, More Even Complexion

Wish you could wave a magic wand for flawless skin?

Meet MicroLaser Peel, laser treatment that minimizes imperfections on the skin’s surface, such as rough texture, flakes, dullness, large pores, acne, and pigment for radiant, youthful-looking skin.

How it Works

MicroLaser Peel can turn back time like no other non-surgical technology with a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This polishing treatment also evens skin tone, smooths skin texture, and restores a healthy, youthful glow to the skin.

Patients can combine MicroLaserPeel with other Sciton treatments, such as ProFractional-BBL HERO for transformative results.

The MicroLaserPeel Experience

Before treatment, your practitioner will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area. The MicroLaserPeel device delivers intense laser energy that stimulate collagen production. This process removes the superficial layer of the skin, resulting in healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Post-Treatment Care

Patients can expect mild redness and swelling similar to a sunburn sensation after a MicroLaserPeel.

These effects may last up to 8 hours after treatment. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer will be recommended to protect and comfort the treated area and should be used until the skin has naturally exfoliated. It is advised to stay out of direct sun exposure. Adhere to all post-care guidelines provided by your practitioner.

MicroLaserPeel may be performed as part of a series depending on the depth and coverage area of the treatment, as well as the health and integrity of of the skin being treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many MicroLaserPeel treatments do I need?

Your provider can recommend how many MicroLaserPeel treatments will best address your concerns. Typically, patients begin noticing results one week after their first treatment and may opt for additional treatments depending on their skin’s needs and specific concerns.

You may also talk to your provider about combining your MicroLaserPeel with other laser treatments for enhanced results.

Does a MicroLaserPeel hurt?

MicroLaserPeel is very tolerable. Patients may choose to receive a topical numbing cream.

How long do the results of a MicroLaserPeel last?

Some patients notice continual improvement for up to six months after their first MicroLaserPeel, especially when combined with deeper treatments. You may repeat your MicroLaserPeel as often as every 6 to 8 weeks.

Learn more about combining a MicroLaserPeel with a ProFractional® treatment for deeper skin resurfacing results—including a dramatic improvement in the appearance of mild to deep wrinkles, scarring, pigmented lesions, and laxity.

Patients report healthier and more vibrant skin after this combination treatment.