Weight Loss Program for Plans 2 and 3

This program is not the easy way out.  Reneu You will give you the tools to lose weight, maintain your weight loss and be healthier than you have been in years.  You must be willing to give up alcohol and processed foods for Phase I.

Phase I

Initial visit (week 0)  with Dr. Jill  – health and diet history review, program details, blood is drawn, B12 injection—Weigh-in, including seven parameters of body measurements.  Please come in fasting for at least 3 hours.  Be prepared to eat only whole foods for the next four weeks.

Visit #2 (week 1)  with Dr. Jill.  Review blood work results, recommendations for supplements, weigh-in, 7 parameters of body measurements, and receive your first month of Semaglutide injections.

Visit #3 (week 4)  with Anna.  Weigh-in, review progress, B12 injection.

Phase II

Visit #1  (week 5)  Weigh in.  Follow up with Dr. Jill. Receive Semaglutide.  Addition of low glycemic foods and dietary tweaks.  Addition of exercise program.

Visit #2  (week 7)  Weigh in with Anna and review progress.

Program months continue until you reach your goal weight or feel you no longer need Reneu You for ongoing success.

The month must be paid for before your visits.  Absolutely no refunds.  We are obtaining your prescription medication at our expense.

If you cancel your appointment, we will do our best to get you rescheduled in a timely manner.  Remember, Dr.Jill’s schedule is very busy.

If you have questions, please call us at 262-560-1920, and we will get them answered within 24 hours, often much sooner than that.