About the Program

Here at Reneu we realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and weight.  Reneu You will help you achieve your ideal healthy body weight.  

What’s different about our program?

Our approach is formulated from a medical perspective and helps to answer the questions you ask physicians all the time: “Why am I gaining weight?” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “Why am I tired all the time?”

We answer those questions by first analyzing what you are eating, how you are exercising and why your metabolism isn’t working for you. We then put all that information through a medical screening process that identifies conditions like pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Using a weight loss plan based on Glycemic Index, safe herbal metabolism boosters and exercise, we can help you achieve the weight you have only dreamed of. Best of all, you will be healthy! Our plan will help lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and even certain kinds of cancer.

Individualized Approach

This is not a “one size fits all” diet. This is an individualized lifestyle management program designed to keep you healthy for life.