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I invested in me and the 8-week eating program at Reneu and it made a difference. I lost inches and pounds quickly and I found my old motivated self again. Dedication to yourself and accountability to Pam is the key to the program. Through daily workouts and being intentional to what you put into your body I found success quickly. As a vegetarian I was low in protein and high in carbs. Reverse that formula and I have a better way to stay satiated and have more energy. I was limited on my “go to” things and found that breaking those habits were just that, habits that I don’t miss. I have lost weight, gained muscle and feel fantastic. Thanks for providing the accountability piece in your program.

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Sue (Age 46)

I  had a very long journey battling my weight over the years. Since I started coming to Reneu for there weight loss program, I have seen many changes in myself. My overall health has improved and I actually enjoy working out now. I remember the first day I walked into Pam’s office and she  told me that I would have to start working out on a regular basis. I thought to myself she was crazy. Now I feel guilty when I don’t work out. I’m enjoying shopping again and having fun trying on clothes that actually fit me and look good. My overall energy level has really increased and I feel so much better about myself. My self-esteem is getting stronger by the day, which I have always struggled with. I’m determined to never let myself go back there again.



Stephanie (Age 45)

Somebody asked me the other day – “You look great what did you do?”  I responded back by saying, “I finally figured out that my food was failing me, not me failing the diet.”  I then told them that in over the course of year and also with the help of Pam Ronca at Reneu Health Medispa, I learned how to eat, what foods work for me and most importantly I didn’t have to kill myself with workout 5x a week anymore – now it’s just 3x a week maybe for 30 minutes to an hour!

January 2012, I was on the verge of my 44th birthday and not happy with myself.  As I look back over the last 20 years, I can tell you I had tried every diet known to mankind and also worked out 5x a week only to see “little results”.  It seemed everything I tried didn’t work.  I felt like such a failure and so unhappy.  I just happened to be reading the newspaper when I came across an ad from my doctor’s office regarding their new weight loss program.  I immediately called and made an appointment.

As we all do in weight loss journeys we set goals.  Mine were quite small:  1. Lose 10lbs; 2.Fit into my Ann Taylor jeans (that fit me in 2011); 3. Weigh less than my 16 yr old son; 4. To be in pictures again, and 5.  To be happy with myself.  I cannot tell you how many times I had written those goals down, or how many years I had of resolutions to “finally lose the weight”.

After meeting with Pam she suggested that maybe I should consider it wasn’t me being the failure but possible a food allergy or I wasn’t eating the right foods.  So she had me remove, grains, starches, dairy and fruit to begin with and then slowly add them back in to see if I felt different or how my body would react.  In two weeks I lost nearly 10lbs!  After the 2 weeks I couldn’t wait to eat yogurt…but soon found out I couldn’t because it made me sick – and apparently had been for years I just didn’t know it!  The same for wheat and grains- they are not my friends – apparently the cause for my headaches and bloating.

Since January 2012 I am happy to report that I achieved my goals and surpassed some of them too!  1. Instead of losing 10lbs I have lost over 40!; 2. I weigh less than my son (for the first time in 17 yrs!), 3. I tried on those jeans and they didn’t fit – had to go down 2 sizes!; 4.  I don’t mind having pictures taken of me; and 5. I am not just happy with myself but I love me!

I have lost over 40lbs and 31 inches and it was the easiest thing I have ever done!  This last year has not only been a journey of weight loss but transformation of not just my body but of me – I finally feel like this is who I am, I am not ruled by the number on the scale but I go with how I feel.  On New Year’s Day 2013 for the first time in forever I did not have to make a resolution that started with:  Lose weight!

45 year old  Patient did  UltraShape with Weight Loss Program

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